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Brand journalism or public relations? Content marketing or social media marketing? SEO or SEM? Many words are tossed around to describe the job marketers face today. MJ&Associates’ approach is very simple: we help you tell your story.
This firm does not look or sound like 2005. We do not abdicate social media to the next generation. We are not in a constant state of rebranding ourselves. It takes knowledge and expertise, collaboration with proven experts and young talent and staying focused on the outcome versus the fee. We work with a small but important list of client companies and a select few pro bono accounts. Feel free to look around and learn more about the business. Click on the work icon below for a list of skill sets and tasks that we regularly perform for our clients. Enjoy. Marketing should be fun!

This video is from a social gathering in a private home. The recorded sound captures the quiet casual murmurings as we toured the art collection on our way to the dining room. Whether we understand it -- or even like it very much -- visual arts affect our thoughts and feelings. Everything is visual. From storefront to traditional advertising to digital and social media, design influences how we feel about brands.

"The best brands never start out with the intent of building a great brand. They focus on building a great -- and profitable -- product or service and an organization that can sustain it. Once that has been accomplished, you can slam your foot on the marketing accelerator and let the whole world know about it."

Scott Bedbury, "A New Brand World"

MJ&Associates works with a core group of collaborators, but it's always a pleasure to meet new talent. Email MJ if you'd like to talk about collaborating.

Make it beautiful. From product development to customer service, you've worked hard to get the business right. Now show it off! Beautiful businesses deserve beautiful photography.

MJ&Associates client work is our top priority. You won't see it on this site, but we're happy to talk one-on-one about the work we do for our clients. Of course with their permission. Click for services.

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