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True client value comes from within.

Yes, the wall is actually signed by Ken Blanchard. Isn’t it interesting how many times something truly phenomenal crosses our path and we barely notice?  Recently I was re-introduced to the people at Mudd Advertising.  I’ve known of them for years, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I began to understand this […]

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Good client meeting?

leaving a client feedback session feeling physically drained reblogged from @AilisMullins – Imgur. Kudos to ThisAdvertisingLife for getting it so right. When you’re all-in on a client – literally thinking about their business wakes you up at night – it’s a sure sign you have succumbed to the ad biz!  Admit it — you love this! Long […]

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Vision — got it?

I’ll start with a tribute to one of my favorite people, Hugh Lamont. Hugh was a long-time economic development executive, a mentor, a friend and a client.  He worked tirelessly to grow business on the eastern side of the state of Iowa, especially communities up-and-down the Mississippi river. He was a success. He was a […]

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