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‘allClientSpeak’ is a tribute to the client, specifically those who are responsible for promoting the brand. If you are one, you know how difficult it is to get what you need in today’s complex world of marketing and media. The consumer is unpredictable. Senior management and/or the board of directors hold high expectations for speed and results. Budgets have never quite expanded to encompass the new platforms and higher expectations for ROI. And, everybody is an expert on your job, whether it’s about the creative approach, research results, or media choices.

If you are lucky enough to work on the services side of marketing, either as an employee on an internal marketing team, or an external provider like an agency or creative shop or free-lancer, you’ve probably chosen this field because you’re creative and talented and enjoy people. Just what the guidance counselor recommended!

What nobody told you is that some days you’re not feeling that creative, the people aren’t that enjoyable and hey, just who is the expert in this equation anyway?

Hopefully, these stories will cause you to think about why you love this business and what it means today to be in marketing.




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