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It’s Iowa

The ‘wealthiest state’ in so many ways!

It's Iowa

In February 2013, I started this business to provide select clients with marketing services ranging from magazine publishing, to advertising, to social media. During the previous 5+ years, I had watched the convergence of media negatively impact businesses throughout the Midwest corridor as they struggled to manage it all. I also witnessed too many providers hawking their expertise, offering a la carte services that rarely produced measurable results. Was there room in the market for me to deliver expertise and the brand of client service that I grew up on in the agency business?

No name. No business cards. No hawking of services. My goal was to deliver solutions to select clients who needed help. That was it. If one of my favorite business clients needed something I couldn’t do myself, I would find a qualified resource and manage the project. Collaborators from across the state and around the country joined me. Some I’ve known for many years. Some are brand new associates.

It’s been a truly amazing experience. And in no small way, completely attributable to two very special clients. I hope they will always be clients. I know they will always be friends.

If you’re interested in joining a select group of people and a new way to meet your marketing challenges or you just want to connect, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.

These days, I’m signing my tweets #lovethischapter because I do.

The business has a new name:  MJ&Associates. I think it fits.

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